The reasons behind YouTube Ads get Approved and Disapproved.

Let’s first understand how many types of YouTube Ads are there. Then what are some reasons behind an Ad approval and disapproval by YouTube Algorithm as well as with one Practical example which I have come across personally?

These are types of Video Ads which are available to broadcast your products through the different format of Videos. They are as follow,

  • Skippable Ads
  • Non-skippable Ads
  • Discovery Ads
  • Bumper ads

1- Skippable ads – YouTube

Skippable ads are those types of Ads which you can skip the ads after watching for 5 secs. If an Ad catches the eyes of viewers so they have the option to watch the Ads for a longer period and most of the time the viewers will visit the website. Therefore, there are chances between 30%-40% that these viewers can be a conversion for a business.

Tips: You can remarket these audiences who have come to your website via ads or have interacted with your website, App, or YouTube channel.

2- Non-skippable Ads – YouTube

Non-skippable ads are mostly for 5 Secs. which viewers don’t have the option to skip the Ads they have to bear and watch Ads. Non-skippable are considered the toughest and most challenging ads because you only got five seconds to convert a customer to a client/conversion.

Tips: If you are 100% sure that you have designed your video in such a way that within 5 secs so that it can bring you revenue if so then you can invest in it. Otherwise, you can try different Video ads that work best for your business.

3- Discovery Ads – YouTube

Discovery Ads are formerly known as “In-display ads”. Discovery ads will have a thumbnail from the video along with a title and video description. Discovery ads will appear on the YouTube search result page alongside related videos and on the mobile homepage.

Tips: Make sure that your thumbnails and titles are more attractive and should have your keywords statements which can increase your CTA.

4- Bumper Ads – YouTube

Bumper ads are for six seconds which viewers don’t have the option the skip the ads. Again these are very similar to non-skippable ads which require more creativity and strategy to encourage viewers to take certain actions while watching your ads so that you can accomplish your campaign goals.

Now is the time to share with you some real challenges which I come across while running video Ads for one of our clients and how I conquered it.

While running the Ads for one of our Client the Ad gets disapproved multiple times. As a digital marketer, I always believe to try all possible ways and think out of the box to find a solution for a problem. So we started changing the Titles, Meta Descriptions, and even our thumbnails. Even we try all these but still, our Ads get disapproved for “Sensitive content”. So I noticed that our client has used multiple time the words “Covid19” and “Pandemic Time”.

This has clarified one thing for us that the YouTube algorithm skim your video bit by bit when you go for paid Ads. The question arises why I didn’t get the “Sensitive Content” error while uploading the same video to our client’s YouTube channel? Hmm, the answer to this question is very simple because, when you upload a video to the channel the reach is very limited. In addition, those who subscribe to your channel they have done on their own will no one has forced them or encourage them to subscribe to for particular channel.

Conversely, When you go for the paid Ads your reach and engagement are higher compare to organically. Therefore, YouTube always try to don’t show those ads to their community.

To sum up, It’s always suggested as a digital marketer you should be open to new challenges and solve them with an open-minded attitude instead of escaping from them.

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